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reblogged from doublefancy:

made a little detour on my way to baltimore this weekend and finally visited vegan treats bakery in bethlehem, pennsylvania. and while the experience of ordering was totally frustrating (there were no labels or prices on anything! ugh!!) the sweets were soo soooo sooooooooo good.

boston cream donut! a cannoli! chocolate cheesecake on a stick! (which I decided is to make it easier to eat while driving between brooklyn and baltimore), and a peanut butter bomb which is maybe the best dessert I have ever eaten in my entire life. ever. 

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reblogged from thalamuslyincorrect:

Last trip to Philly was an all around incredible food-time! I had rented a car and was free to roam to which ever food spot I fancied. In this case I was able to convince some friends with meeting me in Bethlehem so we could hit the amazing and incomparable Vegan Treats

Yes, I am quite aware that many shops in Philly carry vegan treats’ cakes and whatnots BUT I wanted soft serve. Yup travelled over an hour and such for iced cream. Guess what YOUZ GUYS!? It was FUCKING WORTH IT. 

I had the cake batter soft serve and well, let me tell you… it was the best damned iced cream I have ever tasted in MY LIFE. It was perfect. 

As for cakes, I had the brownie teasecake, my mother had the coconut one (which is my favourite), Ang had the cherry teasecake and Syl the peanut butter bomb. Not shown here is the 3 extra cakes I took home. A keylime teasecake, a vanilla pudding cake (which has now taken the crown from the ever delicious coconut cake, sorry coconut) and some other fruity little gem I can’t recall. 

The box of cakes was eaten in its near entirety later on, that day, in a giant house in West Philly with my partner in Philly vegan crime; Andy. 

Lesson learned: You can never have too much cake in one day. 

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